Show Your STS Spirit

Street Tree Seminar, Inc. annually awards monetary scholarships to outstanding southern California college students. Our main goal is to see more active college graduates enter the urban forestry and arboriculture fields. Application Process: Applicant must be a current student carrying a minimum of 12.0 units in a southern California area college majoring in the Arboriculture, Horticulture, or Natural Sciences field, with a keen interest in pursuing a career in Arboriculture/Urban Forestry.

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Click here to download the instructions and application form. Please return completed applications to:

Street Tree Seminar, Inc
Scholarship Committee
P.O. Box 6415
Anaheim, CA 92816

Email Us if you have any questions regarding our scholarship program.
Scholarship Amount: $250.00  -  $1,500.00

Application Deadline: November 1

Oral Interview: Mid November

Announcement of Award:
November 30

Presentation of Award: Scholarship awards will be presented at the December meeting of Street Tree Seminar. Recipients must attend presentation to receive award.

Selection Criteria: A combination of factors will be evaluated by a panel of professionals. These factors are as follows:
  1. Grade point Average (10%)
  2. Academic & Community Involvement (20%)
  3. Experience & Professional Involvement (20%)
  4. Essay for Publication of Street Trees (20%)
  5. Letter from Academic Advisor (10%)
  6. Need of Financial Assistance (20%)